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Making Maya Characters and Animals

Here is a useful link for making  animals or characters using Maya, MentalRay and Photoshop. In this instance the blogger shows you how to make a frog from a picture of a real live frog.

I decided to make an alien moth!

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale: The Frog Prince

The story I have  chosen is The Frog Prince, one of the stories from the collection by The Brothers Grimm. The place is set in a medieval castle, around five hundred years ago. The scene is set in the winter and everywhere is covered in snow.

Further research led me to a fairytale by Hans Christen Anderson called The Snow Queen. The Queen of Snowflakes, as she is also known, has a troll-mirror in her possession. A small boy called Kai, abducted by the Snow Queen, falls victim to the splinters of the troll-mirror, which distort his sight and freeze his heart. The snow queen possesses him and takes him to her ice fortress. She then promises to free Kai if he can spell the word “eternity”  with the pieces of ice in her castle.

Gerda, Kay’s best friend gets a piece in his eye too, which makes him very angry and upset.  Later the evil mirror shatters and infects people around the world, distorting reality and freezing peoples hearts.

The game is not actually based on the The Snow Queen, but the idea of snow and the castle with a pond covered in ice appealed to me. The person in the game can move around the snow and ice (with sound effects) . If I have time I will make the character go into the castle and move around, both on the ground floor and upstairs. Also, inside the castle there are objects that you can pick up and look inside, for example a music box,a locket and so on.

Expanding on my work, there will be a forest that you can explore.

Inspiration And Ideas From A Brothers Grimm Tale.

Zano Clash From Xbox Arcade.

I have gathered some surreal ideas for a Brothers Grimm Tale.

Concept Ideas





Lunar Moth

Manchester 3000

Inspired by current ecological problems I tried to envisage what Manchester would look like in the year 3000AD. I imagined it would be a very different place, alien to us in the present day.

Poker Cards and Chips

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