Final Concept: Sketches

Wereron: Final Coloured Concepts

Wereron: Concept Designs

Research: Environment

Research: First Character; Wereron

Research: Third Character; Bruce

Research: Second Character; Froxy

Wereron The Wolf (Game)

Wereron is not part of Mantra, but form another world. The creatures that live there are not sure where he has come from, but initially they feel that he is an enemy. Wereron is made to feel unwelcome by the villagers, although he has done nothing wrong.

Froxy Lives in Mantra, but her home was destroyed by Dr Manic and his gang. She had to find shelter and the villagers of Manta took her in. Although she is safe for the time being, she is heartbroken, for she doesn’t no were her family are.

Bruce is a hot-headed, someone who rushes into the action before thinking it through. He likes to show off his muscles rather than using his brain. From the beginning, Bruce  is not conviced that Wereron is their friend, due to the fact he looks like Firestar, which distorts Bruce’s judgement  of Wereron.

Research: Broken Glass

No two pieces of broken glass are ever the same. This research will help me choose how I want to draw my piece in Photoshop.