Microscopic Video

Research: Broken Glass

No two pieces of broken glass are ever the same. This research will help me choose how I want to draw my piece in Photoshop.

The Transformation of Max

I drawn out the transformation of max to get an idea of how to shape Max in Maya.

Microscopic Renders


Infected Max

Max’s Emotions – Pre & Post Infection

Max and Infected Max

Max is a current university student at Oren High. He is a hard worker that always achieves his goals in all areas of his life. Max is out-going, friendly and honest, who will go out of his way to help a friend. Although Max might seem a bit of a push over, if anyone crosses him they’d better beware.  Max’s Uncle is a scientist, who works in the field of Biology, which has inspired Max to follow suit.

Unfortunately,  a new species of  ‘Super-Bug’ has reared it’s ugly head!  Ultimately, Max gets infected, which has left him with a short temper, full of rage and anger.

Characters and Scenes from Mircoscopic

Microscopic (Film Title)

Scene: Professor Petri has created a formula that can reduce a human to a single white blood cell, with intelligence intact. The basis of the idea is to send a human – in white blood cell form, into an ailing human body and repair it. The professor has a nephew named Max who is attending at ‘Oran High School’ in Japan, studying a degree in Biology. Max finds out that his uncle has set up a new Laboratory close to his high school and decides to pay him a visit.

As the professor hasn’t seen Max for years he is pleasantly surprised to see him. Both the professor and Max have a long chat and re-establish their relationship. Eventually the professor confides in Max about his new formula that can turn a human into a white blood cell, specifically designed to intelligently fight viruses in the human body. At first, Max has his doubts and thinks that the professor is mad, but the professor persists and finally convinces Max to try the formula. The professor takes Max to his laboratory and stands Max in a very large plane, before injecting him with his new formula. After Max is administered the formula he feels dizzy and tired, before his body is miraculously reduced to a single white blood cell. The professor then transfers Max from the plane into a Petri dish, then via a syringe, into his own body.

Max, now surging through the professors’ veins and artistries realizes he can communicate with other cells inside the professor’s body.

As he continues on his journey he finds and communicates with a bacterium named Fungus. Darting around the different branches of the professor’s veins, they get to enjoy each other’s company. But there is problem with Max! He has a time limit (2 Hours) and has to reach the professor’s mouth to be released from the body before he returns to human form. All goes well, and with being in constant contact with the professor via WI FI, he returns to the outside world, after saying goodbye to Fungus.

The professor is delighted his experiment is a success! However, there is a problem! A Japanese gang called: The Akuna Club has heard about the professor’s formula and plans to steal it. There idea is ruthless! The leader of the gang plans to use the formula to turn his gang into white blood cells, with the view to then inject them into the healthy body of a rich Japanese computer magnet – Mr. Hushi. Once inside Hushi’s body, the gang will attack healthy red blood cells, making Hushi ill. The gang leader will then demand a ransom. If the ransom is paid, the gang leader will then call off the attack. If no ransom is paid, he will then instruct the rogue white blood cells (the gang) to destroy all of the victim’s red blood cells.

The Akuna Club ransacks the professor’s office and finds the white blood cell formula. The gang then abducts the rich Mr. Hushi and then the gang leader, after reducing his four-gang members to white blood cells, injects them into Mr. Hushi’s body. The Akuna Club gang members then start attacking Mr. Hushi’s red blood cells. But they have taken on more than they bargained for! They soon come up against a virus called Toxic, who doesn’t like the idea of the gang doing his job.

Toxic starts fighting the gang members, however, the gang members are too strong for Toxic, so eventually, instead of fighting each other, they form an alliance. Toxic and The Akuna Club gang then use their combined strengths attack Mr. Hushi’s red blood cells. As the gang and Toxic advance, making Mr. Hushi ill, the professor and Max search the town near Oran High School.

Eventually, they find the gang’s hideout and the sick Mr. Hushi. After fighting and beating the gang leader, Max is reduced to a white blood cell and is injected into Mr. Hushi’s body. Once inside, Max realizes that Fungus had attached itself to him when he left the professor’s body. Reunited they surge towards the gang and Toxic. A micro war ensues! The Micro War is in full swing. Both Max and Fungus are losing the battle against The Akuna Club gang and Toxic.

However, just as all seems lost, Toxic infects Max and turns him into a Super Bug! The table has turned and Max and Fungus get the upper hand. They defeat the gang and Toxic, before making their way up to Mr. Hushi’s mouth, with the Akuna gang in tow and out on to the plane. Once on the outside, Max turns back to human form and Fungus into a creature never seen before – a new species!

Storyboard Concepts

Having made a decision on what the animation scene is about, I have started with drawing very rough comic strips.

This has helped me choose the scene that concentrates on the two main characters in the animation. I felt that the other scenes were too intricate to work on in the time allocated.

Baddies,Viruses and Bacteria Block-In Concepts

These are quick  block-in concepts to generate an idea of what the characters are going to look like in the animation.













































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