Microscopic Video


Research: Broken Glass

No two pieces of broken glass are ever the same. This research will help me choose how I want to draw my piece in Photoshop.

The Transformation of Max

I drawn out the transformation of max to get an idea of how to shape Max in Maya.

Microscopic Renders


Infected Max

Max’s Emotions – Pre & Post Infection

Max and Infected Max

Max is a current university student at Oren High. He is a hard worker that always achieves his goals in all areas of his life. Max is out-going, friendly and honest, who will go out of his way to help a friend. Although Max might seem a bit of a push over, if anyone crosses him they’d better beware.  Max’s Uncle is a scientist, who works in the field of Biology, which has inspired Max to follow suit.

Unfortunately,  a new species of  ‘Super-Bug’ has reared it’s ugly head!  Ultimately, Max gets infected, which has left him with a short temper, full of rage and anger.

Characters and Scenes from Mircoscopic

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