Mantrac Final Enviroments

I have finally decided that Mantrac has a Afican style huts and protected by trees

to stop Dr Manic and Firestars gang.

The Flooring on Mantrac will have yellow stripe paving and tropical trees

I am not sure if I want to add the diamonds on to the rocks yet.

Mantrac Enviroments:Block-ins

Final Concepts: Character and Environment Designs

 Wereron is outgoing, enthusiastic and  therefore has many friends.

Wereron gets used to living in Mantra and becomes friends with Froxy

and Bruce. At first, Bruce thinks that Wereron is an enemy and can

not be trusted. The sign on Wererons head reminds Froxy that she

has seen it before but not sure where. Froxy feels that Wereron has

some sort of power and can be used to stop Doctor Manic and his

evil plots.

Mantratropolis/Mantracity Environment

Level 1 of the game is based in Mantracity; but the intro starts in Mantrac,

which boasts a lush, green, grassy scenery. However, I have started the game near the end –

  to give an insight into the plot.

Final Concept: Sketches

Wereron: Final Coloured Concepts

Wereron: Concept Designs

Research: Environment

Research: First Character; Wereron

Research: Third Character; Bruce

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